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Dynamic Handgun 2: $150.00 ...Requires that you take Dynamic Pistol 1...

This course picks up where the Dynamic Handgun 1 Class ends.  Most of this training course will be shooting simulated scenarios to practice everything we learned in the dynamic handgun 1 class

  1. Shoot-no- shoot scenarios
  2. Shooting on the move
  3. Cover and concealement
  4. Moving, drawing, and working around a vehicle
  5. Weak hand drills
  6. Close quarters shooting

We take all of our skills that we learn in Dynamic Pistol 1 and run through scenarios for the entire class in order to practice what you have learned. 

You will need...  A good quality service pistol, a strong side holster and belt, eye and ear protection are required.  I also recommend a ball cap. 

Prerequisites for this course...  YOU MUST TAKE Dynamic Pistol 1 first.  This course uses those skills in self defense scenarios If you have questions about prerequisites please email me. 

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Carry Effectively...

Being an effective armed citizen is not as simple as buying and carrying a concealed firearm.  It is as much as mindset and training.  We are here to start you down the correct path in a safe and fun training environment!