Basic Pistol:

This course will teach the fundamentals of marksmanship. Without good, strong fundamentals it is hard to progress forward with your shooting skills.  This course will cover the following skills and give you the foundation to take the next step in your firearms and mind-set training!

  1.  Grip
  2. Stance
  3.  Sight Alignement
  4.  Sight Picture
  5.  Trigger Control
  6.  Breathing
  7.  Follow Through

All basic pistol courses are scheduled on a custom one on one or group training basis.  Prices will be determined depending on the group size and or individual needs.  Estimate between $50 to $100.00 per person.  The bigger the group the lower per student price.  Call to schedule.  970-460-6866

Another option is to sign up for my Concealed Carry Class taught in conjunction with The Front Range Gun Club, in Loveland CO.  They are approxiamtely every other Sunday from 1pm to 6pm.  3 hours of classroom for your concealed carry permit, and a 50-75 round range sessions working on basic fundamentals. Click here for the course schedule and details.  Call FRGC to sign up.  970-622-7156

Upcoming Classes

There are no upcoming events.

Carry Effectively...

Being an effective armed citizen is not as simple as buying and carrying a concealed firearm.  It is as much as mindset and training.  We are here to start you down the correct path in a safe and fun training environment!