Concealed Carry with Live Fire. $100.00

This course meets all requirements to apply for your Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit.  It also incorperates a 50-75 round course of fire.

This class is taught every other Sunday afternoon in conjuction with "The Front Range Gun Club" in Loveland Colorado.  We will spend 3 hours in the classroom covering the information that is vital to know as an armed citizen.  We then run a 50-75 round course of fire that cover the fundamentals of markmanship.  If you would like to sign up for one of classes listed below.  Call The Front Range Gun Club and sign up.  970-622-7156. 

November 29th 1pm - 6pm (Sunday)

December 13th 1pm - 6pm (Sunday)


January 3rd 1pm - 6pm (Sunday)

January 24th 1pm - 6pm (Sunday)

February 7th 1pm - 6pm (Sunday)

February 21st 1pm - 6pm (Sunday)

March 13th 1pm - 6pm (Sunday)

April 3rd 1pm - 6pm (Sunday)

April 24th 1pm - 6pm (Sunday)





Upcoming Classes

There are no upcoming events.

Carry Effectively...

Being an effective armed citizen is not as simple as buying and carrying a concealed firearm.  It is as much as mindset and training.  We are here to start you down the correct path in a safe and fun training environment!

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